Smoked Chuck Roast for the CEO's Birthday


Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
So I had two sitting in the fridge defrosting for a few days and told the CEO I was making her a special dinner tonight. PRESSURE IS ON.
So rubbed with some Rufus Teage


Got the WSM ready for a low and slow


After 2.5 hrs at 225 this is how she looked, waited 3.5 to 4hrs at165 internal, then foiled in beef broth, Worcestershire and some Rufus


Done and cooling for a few minutes, gorgeous


Potatoes on the grate in the OTG over Stubbs, Gus bathed in EVOO Kosher and Fresh Ground on the Grill Grates



Chopped and ready to go


Your plate with some Blues Hog on the side and some nice cole slaw

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A Happy Birthday to the CEO, Bill!! It's just about time to go to lunch and your post has my mouth watering. Too bad I'm not having some of your good looking food.
Thanks Guys for the birthday wishes for the CEO, and the food compliments. Got to tell you this being my first time doing Chuck Roasts I am flabbergasted. I must of got some real good meat or just got lucky in the cook because the CEO and #2 both said they like it better than brisket. For me it is a toss up but I had six hours into this cook and it was some of the most juicy and tender meat I have ever eaten. I am going to work on some different versions of this and start buying them on sale and keeping a freezer full.
And another first for me was the Rufus Teage, excellent stuff, great balance of flavor, and the first time I did not rub the night before. It was done half hour before the smoke.
So you're saying it was 2.5 hours to foil and then 4 hours in the foil with the broth? Foil pan? or wrapped in foil like ribs.?
the chuck looks great , by the way. I want to get into these chuck roasts because they are pretty cheap and they do taste good. :wsm:
Frank I mis-typed I guess it should have been said better. That was a pic at 2.5 hrs. It was on for about three and a half hrs. maybe four when I foiled it at 165. 165 was my foiling goal. My apologies if I caused any confusion. I am going back and editing that so it is clearer.
This is a simple low and slow cook that gives you phenomenal meat.