Smoke Day 9


Dwain Pannell

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Wow what a beautiful day for a cook out. We started the WSM and a chimney about 1000. For an appetizer I went with Kielbasa and some chipotle wings.

...which went pretty fast...

So I smoked 2 Tri-Tips for about an hour at 225* over Royal Oak and a couple pieces of Oak in an attempt at Santa Maria. I seasoned one with salt and pepper and the other with BBQ 3000.

I brought them to 115* internal then seared them on the Kettle to 135* internal and sliced em up for sammiches (sorry -- no shots of the sear (they were gorgeous) :cool:

...and served them with some cheese, onions, and au jus.

Except for a buddy laying down his bike it was a fantastic day that ended well into the night. :wsm:
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Great looking cook, Dwain !

Tri-tip sammiches.... Yummy !!!
(brb... gotta clean the drool off the keyboard...)

Happy Smoke Day to You and Yours !