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Last night my intention was making smash burgers on our new Little Griddle. The spatula bent without pressing the burgers but I'm both old and inexperienced enough to know planned meals sometime take a different turn. Do you use a certain spatula for this task, or perhaps a press? Thx.


I never smash a burger. I do put an indentation in the center of the burger to help it not puff up but prefer to let all the juices stay in the burger. I cook high heat maybe 2 minutes a side depending on thickness, I aiming for juicy, med rare burger.

James Hadden

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I cleaned and seasoned my grandmother's cast iron clothes iron and use it for my smash burgers. It is a strange way to be reminded of her when grilling. It can be heated on the grill and used on top of certain meats as a press.


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I've used a big beer stein, and the last 2 times I've used my hands/knuckles but hot grease squeezed up/through when it got thin so be careful. Most of the time I flatten the patties on foil before it goes out to the grill or the pan, then I put it on the grill & peel the foil away.

I just searched Amazon for 'cast iron press' & there are several options there.

George L

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I use a heavy duty spachula I picked up from a restaurant supply store. It has very little flex and it's perfect for smashing that ball of ground beef.

Bob Correll

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Here's the one I use, thought I bought it on Amazon, but it's not showing up in my past orders, so eBay maybe.


George L

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It may be a fad but at parties when I'm doing a bunch of burgers the kids and many women find my smashing the balls of burger meat on the flat top grill very amusing.... :LOL: ...

Plus, you're forming the patties as they cook so it's a time saver too....
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Timothy F. Lewis

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Gee guys, are we over thinking this just a bit, why not simply use a CI skillet? If it's being griddled, not grate cooked, seriously?

Bill Elwell

I met Dave at a small airport in Detroit back in the early '90s. Seemed like a likable guy. FWIW, I also met Col Sanders in Atlantic City, NJ back in the '60s...but we do like Steak 'n Shake burgers.