Rye bread but


Len Dennis

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baked in a pullman loaf pan.

I do Lahey-type no knead breads exclusively but also vary the ingredients. I'll do two all white bread on occasion but will frequently change it up. As I grind my own flour, I have

1)wheat grain
2)rye grain
3)spelt grain

grains that I will blend with unbleached a.p. flour to create variations. I've gone as high as 60% whole wheat but prefer 40%.

Always weighing, I measure 600gm ap flour and 400gm rye grain. Grind the rye and then the usual mixing. I like the fact it uses minimal yeast (3/4t for 1000gm of flour) (y).

So you know, a usual 454gm loaf use 2 1/4 t !

Today I had a hankering for rye so...40% rye bread. The recipe I use makes 2 loaves that I invariably use 2 dutch ovens to get that super brown crusty "artisan" boule look.

SWMBO has been bugging me for "sandwich" style loaves. Boules don't lend themselves to sandwiches as they are typically round.

SO, I used my no-knead variation (in full) using pullman loaf pans. I have a 1 lb and 2lb pullman pan and figured that the big pan could hold the dough (which in total comes to 2.2 lb).

Nope, not gonna happen. Put the dough in the big pan and it basically filled it to the top, not leaving any head space for the last rise.

Ok, cut 1/3 off the dough and used the two pans. The big one was perfect but not quite enough dough for the little one (so the top is not "squared off").

Well, after baking and cooling, I dunno but this bread was the best I've ever made. AND my loaves always turn out to my liking.

Pics or it didn't happen so here they are (with the small one missing a few slices 😉 ) A nice tight crumb (that you don't get doing it the "artisan" way).


For whatever reason, pics still won't load for me. Gets to 100% and then ...just sits there. Post and it's not here. Linked to the pic on another food site I frequent.
I haven't seen you in ages; I'm glad that changed today.

Very nice work! Do you sift after you mill?
Nope. Use the whole grain. I've got my eye on some fine sieves to get the bran out. I've read that separating the bran after grinding and then adding back in when doing the stretching that the resultant loaves will be higher. The bran tends to cut the gluten so by removing it and then adding back, it minimizes that 'cutting'.

Haven't done that yet so can't say if it's effective or not.
Thx. I recently bought a mill and some wheat berries and hope to start using it soon.
Start off with a low % mixed in with unbleached ap. Like maybe 20%. It'll give it a nice nutty flavour but won't hinder the rise.

Then increase it again and note the difference. Make sure you add more water than you would with 100% flour. ALWAYS use bakers percentages when adjusting flours.

IF you go to rye, beware it is VERY sticky and will challenge you. BUT oh so worth it 😁
Man, that looks good. I've got a Pullman that I was playing with in the outdoor brick oven last summer, I should have brought the darn thing home and been baking more bread while it was cold out....