Roll Call


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Ed - your pic just gave me an idea - individual meatloaf patties! Nice ferris wheel for the meat

Jason in CA

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2 and a half Jason?? Let me guess, number 18 but you were home by midnight? :censored: I scored a solid 4 baby!!

I don't think I've ever been arrested. At least not technically. However, I have been detained. That was the half. A story for another time . The other two are still a mystery, but everyone is welcome to guess. At this y there is a 1 in 19 chance of guessing the other two.

Rich G

I haven't posted since NOVEMBER?!?!? Yikes! I always poke my head in here, love seeing what you are all cooking. Haven't been grilling much myself lately, and nothing post worthy. I do like the new format though (thanks, Chris!) Lately, I've been experimenting a lot with homemade pasta, and have the process down pretty well. This is just some Tagliatelle, but the chicken in the sauce was smoked on the WSM, so it counts, right? Good to "see" y'all! :)