Ridge Charcoal


Mark Razz

New member
Hi, has anyone tried using Ridge Charcoal Briquets? Is this a replacement for the regular Royal Oak charcoal? I’m having trouble finding the standard Royal Oak Briquets, the bags are usually out in stores by now.


TVWBB Member
It's made by royal oak. I've used it in my kettle. It's ok but not my favorite. The briquettes seemed smaller but that could be just they way RO is. I would get one bag and try it out for yourself before committing to a larger quality.

I've come to prefer B&B for my WSM and I I use Kingsford blue for the kettle.

KE Quist

TVWBB Super Fan
I've used Ridges before, and didn't like it. I still have a couple of bags in my garage from a couple/few years ago that I'm "saving" to use as a last resort.