Rib Rack for a 14" WSM?


Dave Car

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Hi all, Anyone buy a rib rack for a 14" WSM? I cant get enough dimensions off the Amazon Descriptions to know if one will fit. I need help - wife wants ribs! thanks!
While I don't normaly do ribs, just yesterday I saw them being done coiled. Don't remember who was doing it that way but I am sure someone here can elaborate.
Dave, Roll your ribs:

I found the weber rib rack at HD and it just barley fits. the investment is low $12.99 or some such. we'll give it a rip.
Dave I use the weber rib racks from Home Depot for my 14.5 too. They are a perfect fit and I use them on the top and bottom grates. I completely fill them up with 5 racks of baby backs. Smaller on the outside and taller in the middle. I put the racks on the grate in the kitchen and put the ribs on them there. Carry all out as a package. Best ones I've tried.
Hi Dan. Good to hear I got a good one and have the option to double down! Thanks for the loading tip as well. Looks like its about time for some ribs!
Yeah when on the kitchen counter I just put some wax paper or tinfoil underneath the grate before loading racks full of ribs.
hey Dan (or anyone), just got home with some st. louis ribs for tomorrow and they are too long for the 14 as I expected. I am thinking about just halving them in to 4 total pieces. is that a bad idea? the other option in to fold in half, but that seams weird.
I have a Mini-Joe, a 14.5, and a 18.5 WSM. I use two Brinkman's rib racks in whichever one I am using at the time. I cut my ribs in half (I can do eight half racks of ribs at a time). the beauty of it is that the ribs cook perfectly evenly. No over cooked ends. I LOVE the racks.

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HI Robert! thanks for sharing. this eases my worries. I will be halving them this AM and sparking up my first batch today! hope mine look even remotely like your - they look great!!!! thanks again.
I'm definitely going to pick up one or 2 of these. The last time I did ribs I was having to use both grates. I was so paranoid of them getting burned I opened up my cooker way more then I like to move them around. When I cook ribs I treat them like a competition.
Could someone with the Brinkmann rack do me a favor and measure the distance between the rods that run front to back (ie: perpendicular to the oval-shaped pieces against which the ribs sit). I have a v-shaped roast/rib rack that I tried using for half-racks of SLCs but found that they basically fell right through because those bottom rods were too far apart.

I've got an 18.5", so I don't really need to halve them to make 'em fit, but I find it much easier to handle them when halved. Since I mostly do SLCs, I want to make sure that this Brinkmann rack will hold them even when cut in half.