Resurrected Weber Sequoia


John Osmond

TVWBB Member
A good friend of mine had gotten a VERY distressed Weber Sequoia and had finally decided she was not going to be able to find the time to give it the love it needed, so she hesitantly passed it along. It was missing the original Avocado kettle which had rusted out of the cart entirely after it had been completely painted black with hi temp spray paint. It also had some broken and missing boards. Below is how I received it a few months ago. (My wife was NOT happy)

So, with a Work Picnic soon approaching where we all pull out our grills and have a friendly BBQ Competition, I decided to get to work on restoring this beauty in the rough. With any luck, I figured I could get it looking nice enough to take. However, no sooner had I pulled it out into the driveway, my 11 year old son Jack stepped in and asked to help. I said sure and this quickly became 'his' project.

Jack sanded it, filled holes, and even pulled boards out of his tree fort to cut and replace missing ones when we couldn’t find redwood at our local lumber store. He even went to the hardware store to find a stain that he felt would be ‘just right’.

Jack even agonized over exactly what color kettle he wanted to use to replace the missing Avocado.


Finally, he decided he didn’t like the look of the old hardware, so he found new matching copper handles and hinges. I held onto the old original ones, but have to say that the matching copper does look very nice.

As you can see, Jacks little Sequoia did make it to the Picnic and as you can guess, it was the star of the show. I think he did a awesome job at bringing it back from the edge and giving it new life. But much to the dismay of his younger brother, this is now Jack’s grill.

Jack is already planning more work on his grill. His next step is to raplace the lid holder on the side. (My wife is VERY happy with how it turned out)
Hey John, WOW!! That Sequioa is stunning! Jack did a terrific job! I'll bet you're bursting with joy and pride for your son. What a great young man you've got there! :) linda
Hey Jack, you did a really nice job on that old Sequoia it looks great!! I'm sure your Dad is very proud of you!
Now that is a great restore and a terrific story about a great young man. Good job Jack and Dad you have obviously done a good job raising him!
Nice story & nice job on fixing up that wooden Weber cart. The copper color really looks sharp. I always thought the avocado color really sucked anyway.
It's great to see your child show interest in something, and this is a good hobby. He did a super job and the kettle you got looks really good in there, awesome job Jack!
Wow! What an outstanding job. I love to see old things brought back to life. You guys knocked it out of the park.