Q lid repaint

Paint update of sorts...

In the regular gas grill section I posted about a Silver A I restored in which I first painted with high-heat black and let it cure for a full week. I was not at all happy with the remnants of the original texturing that survived all my wire brushing. Rather than start over I decided to try my idea and paint over with regular temperature texture paint. (I have never seen any high heat texture paint.) After letting that cure for a few days I then painted again with high heat black letting that cure for yet another week.

When I did over an hour of burn-off including a half hour or more at full power (+600 degrees) I did not notice any bubbling or other issues. Not sure this would work on a firebox or a more powerful grill. It DOES give me hope that I could do something similar on Q grills with high heat primer first, then all the colorful engine paints I bought, and finally a coast of high heat clear.

I will update whenever I can finally do a Q in this manner. I will also test it thoroughly.
Jon, how's the textured paint holding up?


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When you guys are angle grinding the old paint off the Q lids....any tips on how to get in the corners and weird angle spots? I've got one basically to the aluminum except for a few of those hard to get areas. Hoping you guys had some tricks for that.
I simply push harder and force the wire cup brush into the area as much as possible, but there will always be some that you can't get. If it is carbon under the lid, not a big deal. If it is paint on the outside, then I just do as good as I can and make sure that any paint left over is smooth and not flaking. Then, when you paint over it, you won't even be able to tell there was any left over paint. Those areas should be very small any ways.

Jon Tofte

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Jon, how's the textured paint holding up?
I sold that grill so I can’t say for sure. I did, however, use 500 degree engine paint in a Q I did for my sister. I primed with ultra high heat primer and covered with ultra high heat caliper clear. Similar concept and it has worked out so far.
First time using the Rustoleum Ultra High Heat bbq paint. Semi Gloss black. It felt thinner than the VHT paint I’ve been using. Also, it doesn’t seem to produce any sort of texture to the surface like the VHT does.
It still looks ok. Going to give this lid to a relative, swap it out with their stock grey lid. D34F143C-C8A7-4999-90DD-F3D1829F491A.jpeg