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ChadRex's SJS Mini WSM ( with images)

Well I finally found the right pot, Hispanic markets seem to be the way to go. No crimping!

Well on my way to start my build.
Here is Parts List I tried to include part/SKU #'s and prices. Will update as I go along.

Miscellaneous Tools Needed:
  • Jig Saw with fine metal cutting blade or Metal Cutting Sheers (AKA: Tin Snips, Aviation snips)
  • Measuring Tape
  • String 16" (To measure distance between grate mounting bolts)
  • Scratch Awl - To mark/pre-drill
  • Goof Off - Paint prep wipes: clean residue off Aluminum Stock pot (mine had label adhesive)
  • Metal File or 150 grit metal sand paper: To sand off the sharp edges/burs from cutting bottom off and drilling holes
  • 1/4 inch metal drill bit: for grate mounting bolts
  • 3/8 metal drill bit for mounted thermometer and temp. gauge grommet
  • Church key can opener or 3/4 inch drill bit to drill holes in vent damper cover can

Some the small hardware I already had in my tool box (the stainless hex nuts and washers)
I did have to purchase a Jig Saw $59.00 and metal cutting sheers $12.00 at Home Depot, I didn't have these in my tool collection & sure I will need them for other projects so the cost of this will not be included in the overall total cost of my Mini WSM project. I realised I didn't need the jig saw the tin snips would have done the job fine. However cutting the Expanded metal for the charcoal grate was much easier with the Jig saw, using tin snips on expanded metal take more time and effort.

VMI 32 Qt Steam Pot-

Purchased at Best Way Hispanic Super Market- for $16.34 (tax included)
Lid fits perfectly and the pot sits snug in kettle,cooking grate fits nicely in steamer ridge very stable .
Distributed by VM International
1241 E Watson Center Rd
Carson CA 90745

Charcoal Grate and cooking grate stop Bolts
  • 1/4x3/4 Stainless Hex bolts x6 - @.36 - $2.16
  • Weber plated steel Smokey Joe cooking grate model 7431 - $7.49 Home Depot SKU 150-748
  • 1/4 stainless steel Cap Nut x 6 @1.18 each $7.08 HD SKU 762-132
  • 1/4 stainless steel lock washer 6 pack $1.18 each HD SKU 517-275
  • 1/4 stainless steel hex nut 4 pac x2 @$1.18 each $2.36 HD SKU 307-319

Temp Gauge Grommet
Made with Westinghouse brass lighting fixture parts found in Home Depot lighting section.
  • 1/8-IP Zinc-Plated Nipples (8-Pack) need the 1/2" size- $2.97 HD SKU # 215-872 -
  • Brass Plated Nuts and Washers (6-Pack) $1.57 HD SKU # 217-360
  • 1/8-IP Brass Caps (2-Pack) - $1.98 HD SKU# 215-910

Expanded Metal Charcoal basket
Still contemplating on this design Flared vs standard 3" deep
  • Expanded Sheet Metal plain 24x12 x 1 -$9.37 HD SKU 474-584
  • Weyerhaeuser 16.5 Gauge-Rebar-Tie-Wire ( to connect coal basket & attach to coal grate) -$3.98 HD SKU#572-365 ( to connect coal basket & attach to coal grate)

Water/Drip/Diffuser -Still searching for a suitable Water/drip Pan
  • looking for a stainless 9"x 2" deep cake pan, that will cut trimmed to sit on the steamer ridge/lip.
  • Found a deep stainless Steel bowl at 99 Cent Store & some 9" alumn round cake pans 3 @ .99 - $2.99- Not sure if i will use these, still deciding on the set up i will use
  • In a pinch I have 9" round cake pan i can use (I raided my wife's baking supply hoard of pots and pans.:p)

Damper/Vent Handle- Lower
I was fortunate enough to have the damper control rod from a 1 touch cleaning system kit I ordered a few years ago hoping to upgrade my 22.5 " 1980's Weber kettle (It didn't quite fit my 22.5 " I am glad I kept the parts) :cool: hopefully the diameter of the Damper handle isn't too big should be Ok
*Large Ash Catcher- 9"ALU Pie pan .99

Finishing ( Painting /Sanding)
Still considering my options for painting/ finishing. My 6 year old son is helping with the design,our thoughts are for anodized Blue Flames with orange tips or 2-tone Orange flames on Anodized Blue Surface, with the dampers, grill legs painted to match. I will NOT be painting the SJS kettle, it has a good finish and the black looks good.
  • Norton Metal Sand paper Assorted Pack- $5.97 HD SKU135-534

    I Still need to order the following
    VHT Engine Enamel up to 550 F ( or TCP global
  • Anodized Base Coat VHT SP453 TCP $8.98
  • VHT Gloss Clear High Temp Engine & Drivetrain Coating VHT SP145 $6.98
  • VHT Anondized Color coat SP451 =anodized blue $8.98
    Application and drying instructions

Estimated Total Cost of this project= $87.16 (Based on purchasing the above items listed) My cost was more around 75.00 not including the SJS.

I will do my best to document the steps and update posts.
Mahalo to all for feedback, replies and suggestions
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I started my SMJ Mini WSM build on Sunday afternoon.

  • Cut the bottom of the Steamer Pot ( Using the steamer tray as a template to trace the hole)
  • Added a bottom damper/vent handle (from a One-Touch cleaning Kit bent slightly to fit) held in place with a 5/16 e-clip
  • attached 9" Aluminum Pie pan to replaced the ash catcher ( .99 picked up 3 of them) & temporarily marked open and closed position on catcher will add a more cosmetic permanent reference point after painting.
  • Added a Top Damper/vent handle used a stainless steel T-Knob drawer pull
  • Added grill grate holes: 4" from under the top lip of steamer.

    (3 1/4" stainless hex bolts with lock nuts, attached cap nuts on outside.
  • The second grate sits in the ridge of the steamer where steamer tray would rest. Perfect fit!
  • Added a temperature grommet just above where top cooking grate sits, located centered under the handle.
  • Started the 3"high Expanded Metal Charcoal Basket.

    Attaching the EM to the grate has proven to be difficult, I'm using Weyerhaeuser 16.5 Gauge-Rebar-Tie-Wire ( to connect coal basket & attach to coal grate) -$3.98 HD SKU#572-365 and the stuff isn't the easiest to work with. Finishing this tonight, it will be 3" high non flared also added a 2" can for vent damper.

I still plan on adding a permanent Temp. Gauge to sit just below the top grate. This will have to wait until I pick one up. not sure on the best type . <---any suggestions?

Once the temperature gauge is installed It will be ready to paint, Still deciding on the paint.The base will be anodized Blue,
Will also be painting the legs and damper handles.

I am eager to fire it up, but will patiently wait until it is completely painted.

Will add pictures to this post as I take/upload.

a Big Mahalo to everyone who has posted their builds, inspiring and motivating me to take on this fun and surprisingly simple project. My old man is now wanting to build his own.
Mahalo to those who have responded to my questions and posts, the active communication and generosity in the members here make this a wonderful online community, I will "pay it forward" as others have to me.

Almost finished... updates to follow.

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Don Fry

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I am assuming from your parts list that you plan on using your thermometer primarily as a backup to your digital. Regardless, the only advice I can give you is to get the shortest stem possible and think through the positioning so that it will not interfere with emplacing and removing the lower grate.

Fabian Ochoa

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Looking good Chad.

I wish I would have documented my build better. It was on the back burner so long that when I had a chance I jumped on it.

The paint is a vailable at the local autozones. I haven't painted mine but will soon.


Auto zone does carry VHT and other high heat paints, however they do not have a wide selection of colors.
I am still looking for the paint I can order through Amazon or through TCP.


Thanks for the reply. Appreciate your tips. I will definitely take these things into consideration.
I gather by reading most of the posts, that the Weber branded or Tru-Temp are the way to go.


I still need to paint. Ordered the paint from Amazon, should arrive next week. couldn't find the colors i needed at local auto retailers, Amazon ended up being the least expensive.

Also need to install permanent thermometer.
However most of it is done. I will take final pictures and total cost once complete. Pictures below, please excuse the messy garage.


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Bob Ivey

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Chad, if my garage looked that good my wife would be very, very happy. Build looks great. Keep posting as you make more progress.

Don Fry

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Chad - your build really looks great. Do you have any pictures of it after painting? If it is anything like the quality of your build, I am sure it will look great.


I have painted a few coats of anodized blue (inspired by MAC's), MAC's Blue Mini Mod He did a much better job of painting his i was going for that look as my base coating... I fell way short...
I regret to admit my painting skills are sub standard and nothing compared to the other paint jobs on others' WSM mini builds. Part of it could be the anodized type paint. I know I prepped the surface properly. Need more practice spray painting even coats.
I still have to add orange/yellow flames and a clear coat finish. Hopefully I can complete it to my 6 year old sons standards. He wanted blue with hot wheels style flames..
We shall see.

The table it's sitting on is an IKEA SKOGHAL side table for $14.99, I added a Weber tool holder and I plan on staining & adding a protective varnish. It is very stable & perfect for my Mini.
I was also considering getting IKEA Applaro wheeled outdoor wooden serving cart It has a shelf on bottom to store grill tools, hooks to hang tools or lid, and even a place to put paper towels. looks perfect for the mini smoker set up.

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Fabian, has them for $8.14-Thermometer kit #70180.

Paul- Thanks for the link, I bought mine online but i believe i paid more than $9.00. I had bought it a year ago with the idea of adding a thermometer to my 22.5 kettle. I never got the confidence up to drill a hole in the porcelain enameled lid, fearing it may causing cracking or chipping, I am glad I had it for this project.

Jim W.

Bump... This thread ought to be a sticky!

I've had a Smokey Joe Gold for 20 years... never happy with airflow as a grill so it looks like making a WSM mini will be a good use of it. I just bought the VMI 32 quart pot this morning.

A note for So-Cal residents: Gardena Super Market (Bestway #4) on Gardena just west of Vermont has a bunch of the 32 quart pots above the produce chiller for $14.99. (They also have 20 & 40 quart sizes so get the right one!)