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J Hasselberger

I'm raffling through my old pix and came upon these two. In 1978, I did the mirror ball customization on Paul Stanley's Ibanez. At the 2018 NAMM Show, Ibanez had the original in their booth for a big 40th anniversary re-intro. It was a shock to realize that 4 decades had passed. Paul was there and looked great. When we chatted he said to me, "I'm 100% sure that both our DNA is on that guitar."


JH wPS-10 1978 crop by Jeff Hasselberger, on Flickr

JH wPS 2018 by Jeff Hasselberger, on Flickr

Jeff Boudman

TVWBB Wizard
This is me with my Mom when I graduated from college December, 1977. I had applied to the Peace Corp in the fall and hadn’t heard anything from them. I enlisted in the Army and received my acceptance letter from the Peace Corp the following week. I have to say the Army was the best job I ever had.

Mike P.

TVWBB All-Star