Pork tenderloin



One of the pains of pork tenderloin is removing the "silverskin" connective tissue. I was in Walmart and picked up a pack of Prairie Fresh Natural Pork Tenderloin. Had never bought the brand before but it was the only un-seasoned brand they had. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised. Virtually no silverskin-only about a 1 inch section on one end of one of the pieces. The other had none. I am impressed with the trimming and it saved me a bit of time.

Bob Bailey

I've always been impressed with Prairie Fresh butts when I can find them, but can't remember seeing any other cuts from them around our area. Can't recall seeing any of their meats at Walmart either. Will have to take a closer look next time.


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I'm always a little bit suspicious when I see statements like 'minimally processed' on a natural product.

Chris in Louisiana

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I was looking for pork tenderloins today when I spotted something that looked like that.

I was excited to have such a clean piece of meat, but it turned out to be turkey tenderloins. :)