Pork shoulder at 275-300 degrees.


Andy Kaminski

I normally run my pork shoulder at 225 and it’s always seemed to work fine.
It takes ALL DAY long but it works.
I ran mine today about 50-75 degrees hotter and think that’s my new sweet spot.
300 is what I’m going to shoot for next time
I think the bark was better too.
It also seemed like better time management as well.

We ended up feeding a few neighbors and gave them each doggie bags (Tupperware).
Served with kale slaw on sourdough bunz.


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Looking good Andy!

I've gone to higher temps on a lot of cooks too. Used to do 225 or lower a lot on the pellet pooper because I got very little smoke otherwise. After getting a smoke tube, cooks are seldom under 275. My 2.5-hour ribs at 300 are great, as are my no-wraps at 275. Last shoulder came out really nice at 300. Ditto for cooks on the kettle.

Just think of all the time we've been wasting.
Yeah, it just seemed like an easier cook.
When it came to stall time there were no issues pushing through but I wrapped as soon as I was satisfied with the bark.
The bark was one of my favorites too.
The buns were really easy.
I made mine with my sourdough starter (also called a mother)w/some flour,salt and water but you can easily do it with packaged yeast or even better yet you might be able to pull it off with store bought pizza dough.
Just thaw, then form into balls (they will flatten) and toss them into the oven for 20 or so minutes @450.
The nice part is that the buns cook while the meat is resting and the timing works out just fine.
Let me know if you need more info.