Pitmaster Roll Call


Kevin Walsh

It's Smoke Day on the East Coast, and I can confirm at least one WSM running in Connecticut (brisket). Check in, honored pitmasters, check in!
NY Adirondacks, Performer chugging slow and low this morning with a 8 pound brisket. 41* and rain...... heh surprised it's not snow!
We are having our SD party tomorrow,but I'm putting a butt on at 9 tonight,so Shuffletown's Phil-b-q will be going on Smoke Day!
Everyone enjoy! Wish I could be a smokin with yinz but sometimes life gets in the way of BBQ.... Kids got baseball Friday night... Soccer games on Saturday from 11 am til 4 pm... Then going to The Pittsburgh Power Arena Football game with the family ..... Sunday two different bday parties and I have to work Monday!

Gonna be a great weekend though... I do plan on grilling on Sunday ....

From last page of pork recipes on this site

Garlic Stuffed Pork Loin
Getting ready here from sunny FL, bb ribs soaking in marnade now and getting smoker ready, also making my ABTs.
Have fun today fellow pitmasters

7 am in AZ. Smoker is fired up and butt about to go on. Will be putting some st louis ribs a little later. Happy Smoke Day !!
9:22 am, near St Louis, on the outskirts of beautiful downtown Arnold, MO.
Sunny and nice, temp in the low 60's, high around 77.

5.5 lb. butt, and a link of summer sausage just went on the 18.5 WSM.
Is it beer-thirty yet? :confused:
Checking in from Lucan, Ontario, Canada! It's my first smoke day and I decided to go with PSB today. 3 pound top sirloin roast is rubbed up in Montreal steak spice and waiting for the WSM to come up to temp.

:wsm: Happy Smoke Day everyone!
East central Indiana checking in. Locally raised lamb shanks went on about at 9:50 this morning. Decided to get out of my smoking comfort zone this smoke day (my 3rd!)
Happy Smoke Day9 Everyone!

50º cloud covered skies in Raymond
STL ribs going on the 22"WSM sans the waterpan
bacon and buffalo going on the 18"WSM very low & slow

later, the grill will be fired up for hor d'oeuvres



HAPPY SMOKE DAY 9 everyone!
Checking in from the beautiful State of Georgia!
2 pork butts, 10 and 8 pounds respectively on at 7:00 AM this morning!
It is now 1:10 PM and they are holding at 158 internal with a temp of 250 on the WSM.

Hey LarryR, sounds like you will be having a busy day for some good eats. I'll be celebrating my first WSM Smoke day tomorrow since more of the family will be in on the eating. GO UTES!
Spares and hot links on the WSM in Apex, NC. No grilling allowed at my apartment complex within 20 feet of buildings, so I set her up in the parking lot.