Pepper Stout Beef

Larry I can't begin to thank you enough. We made it Saturday and everyone loved it!

Used this recipe last weekend, with one subtle change - I used Stone Smoked Porter for the beer component, as I've found that it pairs better with BBQ in general and beef in particular. Results were phenomenal, what a great recipe.
Going to finally pull the trigger on making this on Saturday.
Couple questions:
Is a 4lb roast enough for 7 adults?
What are peoples go-to sides with this?
Originally posted by Stefan B:
Going to finally pull the trigger on making this on Saturday.
Couple questions:
Is a 4lb roast enough for 7 adults?
What are peoples go-to sides with this?

I made a 4lb roast and had more than enough for 7 people. I made the 4lb roast per the recipe and another 2.5 pound roast with beef stock instead of stout beer which my wife didn't like. I liked the recipe with Guinness Extra Stout as the beer.

We ended up with a lot left over with 5 adults eating from the 4lb and froze some of the 2.5 pound one.

As for sides, we kept is simple with coleslaw and had a couple of other sides which I honestly can't remember.
As long as you have plenty of sides/other dishes I would think half a pound per adult should be fine.
Been eying this recipe for months, and finally made it on July 4th. Well it was excellent. Used a Guiness Draught (with the widget in the can) Not sure if the bottle or the can matter..but it was really good. The jalapenos lended a nice spice I enjoyed!
I've got to try this.

On the beer. The original recipe is for G Foreign Extra Stout. Some have asked if this is the same as the Draught Stout. They are slightly different. The flavor profile (roasted barley) is similar. The draught is a smaller (less alcohol, lighter body) beer. Think of the draught as the one you'd choose if you're going to drink more than one. I doubt it will noticably impact the recipe as the flavors are similar.
I tried this, and overall I thought it turned out great. My only complaint (and this could be error on my part) was that the liquid left in with the beef and veggies was really fatty. I didn't think it was a very fatty piece of meat when I started.

Anyone experienced similar? Or have any tips on how to avoid?
Gabe, using Draught Stout will be fine.
I just made this dish Monday and it was awesome!
Travis, did you continue to cook it after shredding the beef? Doing so reduces the liquid and seems to thicken the dish.
With over (at least) a dozen cooks, I haven't run into the problem you've stated...
Ive never made this but I do something similar for a Chicago style pulled beef.
Get a gravy/fat seperator. Drain the liquid to that and add enough to moisten. I like a lot of jus/gravy with mine, makes a great gravy bread sammy (wet) and helps keep the left-overs moist.

I am new to this community, and this is the first recipe that I have used from it, and wow am I happy I did. This pulled beef was amazing! It took me a total of 7 hours from the time I put it on the smoker, to the time we were sitting at the table. My family loved it so much, I may be making it again next weekend. (Thank God for Kroger's buy 1 get 1 free roast sale!) I did put 1 chunk of wood with my charcoal, which was barely noticeable. Next time I plan to use more salt when I season it, I think it would have brought even more flavors out. I am very impressed and cannot wait to make this one again.
This is good; but even at two jalapenos (with seeds) it was so spicy the flavor was overwhelmed by heat. I'll either cut back to one or maybe forgo the jalapenos and use black pepper instead.
Well, better late than never. This stuff is the bomb.

The only things I did differently was to remove the seeds from the jalapenos and use some smoke wood. I cooked faster too, but that's the biggest tip I can give. Most folks can't believe how long chuckies can take to get really tender, and that's what you want. I smoked for THREE hrs. at 275-300* and then braised for TWO AND A HALF hrs. more in the oven at 375*. One weighed almost three and the other almost four, and the smaller one was braised with beef stock, not the Guinness Stout. My wife hates beer and we both liked the one cooked with the Stout better. Sub buns were toasted a bit to melt a slice of provolone or pepper jack, and then piled on really high. I really can't say enough about this recipe. Did I say it was really good?!
awesome stuff, ain't it dave...?! ;)
i have a 3 pounder on right now, going on about two hours now. L♥VE this stuff!
Larry, you are the man! Morgan forwarded me your recipe on a thread that looked just like this. I saved it in my recipe folder. My first one though was a little different spin, it was Italian style and all my wife and I could say was AALLL SUMMMM!!!:) We loved it to say the least. Thanks so much for sharing. We will be doing this quite often AND THANK YOU MORGAN!! for sending me this.