Pepper Stout Beef

david brociner

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Made this today, maybe the last great weekend of 2013 here in NJ. Started in the 18.5" WSM. took the beef to 155 before the stall then finished in the slow cooker. Cut down on the jalepenos because of the kids but it was a big hit. One question: just how does someone get banned from this website? What could you possibly do? I'd love to know.

Dave Bethke

I didn't get past the pictures before I decided to make this, bought a #2 roast and cut back on the ingredients. I should have read some reviews so I could have cut back on the heat. WOW it turned out really hot, I had to add some sugar to cut it.
I'll give it another try sometime.



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works great in Tacos, just make sure it's drained well. Perfect for shredded beef anything really IMO.


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I picked up a few chuck roasts value packs today on a "one day meat stock up sale" for $2.99/#. I'm hoping the weather improves for super bowl weekend so I can attempt my first PSB cook. I've been drooling over this post since I joined, I cant believe I haven't made it yet.

Mike Parrish

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I don't post much but have been here for ten years and just have to say that I have made this several times and have always been amazed at the results. Footnote: it is the chefs responsibility to determine the "hotness" of the jalapenos. This will determine whether or not to add or subtract individual peppers.

Michael A

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Do you ever feel like you get more credit than you deserve? If coping in these situations is difficult for you, then I would not suggest this recipe :)

It's that good, and that easy. I made this for family who was in town, and everyone loved it.

This is absolutely one of my favorites.


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I picked up a >4.5# chuck today, I'm planning to cook PSB this weekend I think.

I got extra Jalapenos, might even try a hab in there. I'm going to use a Cutthroat Pale Ale (one of my favorites) 'cause that's "more of a stout" imho than Guiness :)

I love the Cutthroat in Barb's onion rings, I'm betting it'll be good in this.
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John Jeffries

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I have made this one numerous times - there's a reason it's a 'stickied thread' :) My wife is not much of a BBQ girl, which may be her only shortcoming, but even she digs this one. Highly recommend. Don't be afraid to chop up a few extra Jalapenos in this one...

And I wanted to echo Clint's comment. The beer you use makes a difference. I've even done this with a great IPA. I don't think you can go wrong, but if you're going to go to the trouble to make this, I would definitely suggest you go to your local beer vendor and pick out something special.

Matt Ode

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I know this is a little late and this thread hasn't been posted in, in a while.. But a good Russian Imperial Stout is a great addition to the recipe. They've got a bit more "heft" to them than an Irish Stout like Guiness. I like some locally brewed RISs, but 1 that is great for the recipe as well as drinking and is found most everywhere is Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. Give it a try!

Scott Dacey

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Whenever I talk about smoking something this is what is requested 75% of the time. Every get together and sometimes right out of the blue someone asks me to make it. Kinda wish I never learned this recipe. LOL! Kudo's to you Larry.

Scott Dacey

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Has anyone tried this recipe using pork butt? Using apple juice, a light ale and chicken stock? Possibly Juliane a couple green apples along with the sweet onion and peppers. Just spit balling,


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I have made this several times, both the WSM and crock pot versions, all to rave reviews. You sir should have a Nobel prize.


Just did my first chuck, using Malcolm‘s recipe from HowToBBQright (YouTube)
But this looks amazing, might be my next attempt