Peach Smoked Dry Brined Turkey, good eats!


Michael C.

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Hello all, two things I wanted to try out this weekend. First, was to try out some Peach wood that I bought a few weeks ago, at Bass Pro Shop. 2nd, I also wanted to try out the Fresh n Easy dry brine mix, that I picked up last year, right around the holidays. Per the instructions, I rubbed the dry brine all over the turkey, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and let er sit in the fridge, overnight. The brine smelled really good! The next morning, per the instructions, I rinsed the bird in cold water, to remove the seasonings, etc. I fired up the WSM, added plenty of Peach wood, and place the bird on the smoker. It took exactly 3hrs, for the breast meat come up to 165F. I foiled the bird, and let her rest, for 1 hr, before carving. The peach wood smelled great, as the bird was cooking. The bird was very tender, light, good smoke flavor. Very tasty.

The bird and the brine mix.

Rubbed, and ready for the fridge.

Smoker set up, the wind picked up, had to use my wind break. Sure smells good!!!!!!

My Cat, thinks she's a dog. She loves hanging out with me, when I'm grillin', smokin', washing the car, etc. Funny animals.

3 hrs later, all done!

1st slice, nice smoke ring in there. Moist and juicy.

Plated pic, moist and tender, tastes great!

Thanks for looking :).
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Thanks guys. The F&E brine really smelled good, out of the package. I did not see it add any much flavor, to the bird, I would skip that process, in the future. The Peach wood, really smelled good, while on the smoker. It was very light, smoke flavor to the bird, still good though. I'd try the peach wood, on fish, next time :).
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Says it all! PERFECT!
Break out the mayo and bread, as that has turkey sandwich written all over it......nice looking turkey...................d