Peter Gallagher

TVWBB All-Star
stuck this guy in his bath about 10 days ago. It was just over 10 pounds - after trimming, down to just under 9. He's ready to be drained and desalinated....

After about 24 hours of desalinating, he was ready for his rub:

We do pastrami's over night. This went around 10:30PM on Saturday in preparation for Sunday football lunch.

Fast forward to Sunday morning - this is about 9:00AM

.. sliced up and ready to go... yummy!

Doris made some carrot cake cupcakes:

and a Goldie shot just because she was standing around....

Look the effort put into that football game food, you team better have won. That is a next level cook. My wife and I use to go have lunch every Friday with her grandfather before we had kids and he would get this incredible pastrami from a local Jewish deli, those were some of the best lunches I have eaten in my life (both food and company). I have never been able to find anything close since, I have to try to smoke my own at some point.