Old Surveyor makes deer jerky from 35 year old recipe

Dwain Pannell

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My Grand Daughter and I just placed a cpl pounds of top round thinly sliced in the marinade for tomorrow. The only mod I make is 1 tsp of salt vs 2. It won't last a week around here.


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First off let me tell you that I have struggled with jerky for years. Every recipe I've found has either been too bland or just didn't taste like jerky.

This is the best recipe I have found. The flavor is exactly like jerky should taste.

I pulled out a 2# deer ham and cut it up into strips and marinated overnight. Smoked them at 160 for an hour on some hickory. Then I dehydrated them until finished.

The only thing I added was some cracked peppercorns to half and some jalapeno powder to the other half when I put them on the smoker.

As a fellow Land Surveyor I really appreciate the recipe being in the field book. I just started my own field book with recipes to hand down one day to my boy. This will be the first recipe.

Thanks for sharing the recipe and your story.

Bob Correll

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You're very welcome Jesse, glad you like the recipe and my post.
Always good to hear from another "land butcher" :)

Keith H.

The neighbor dropped off a boned, hind quarter yesterday. So, here I am researching options. This one looks promising.

Jim Lampe

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using this ▼ ▼ recipe for jerky this weekend

gives me a chance to try this ▼ ▼ new to me Worchestershire sauce....

using this ▼ ▼ for jerky this weekend

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Ed M.

Looking forward to the end result, Jim. Curious if you add any Tender Quick or just as is posted. I have used this method with both and have been very happy with the outcome.

Bob Correll

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Anxious to see how well this marinade works on tri tip jerky.
Very interesting Worcestershire sauce Jim, did you try a sip? :)

Jim Lampe

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Very interesting Worcestershire sauce Jim, did you try a sip? :)
I did!
...just a bit of Lea & Perrins first.... then just a bit of Pabst.
L&P has more of a bitter snap or bite to it... and the Pabst was smooth and a bit darker or opaque...
and just a tad thicker than L&P.

of course, as with anything in it's so-called higher class,
the price of the Pabst Worcestershire sauce comes to about 80 cent an once
compared to the .24 cent once of L&P


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Did you make it yet? (did I miss the post?) I've done it a couple of times without TQ.

Edit:>> I see you're doing it this weekend - do you know what temps you're shooting for? I looked into this a little & what I gathered is the higher end dehydrators shoot for at least 160F, my next batch I'm going to shoot for 150-190F and expect it to take around 10 hours (thick slices)
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Jim Lampe

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I forgot to post Photos
I don't even have any photos

It turned out OK
There was too much fat in the tri-tip for beef jerky for my liking
I took it to work and the guys are it up

I don't think I'll be using tri-tip for jerky anymore
Top round or eye of round seems to work the best - way less fat or marbling

However, Bob's recipe was perfect !
I will be using that again ...
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