My American born Weber Pizza Oven


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For those of you who haven't noticed the recent chatter in the Grill Accessories section regarding the Weber Pizza Oven being sold in a single test market Ace Hardware here in Wisconsin, I am thrilled to share my pictures of some Pizza we tossed on this evening. I picked my oven up last weekend as they put them out and had originally decided to wait till Memorial Day to break it in, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Now, I get to have pizza today AND Memorial Day!!!

I started with a full bed of coals, as suggested by the directions.

Here are some pictures of the Weber Pizza Oven sitting on my 22.5 OTG.

Finally, the pizza is done.

They turned out great. I had to get used to the personality of this stone, but once I figured it out, everything was smooth sailing. I really liked how the heat carried over the top of the pizza through the vents at the back. In the past, I have had issues with pizza toppings taking too long to cook, but as long as I got the stone temp just right, the tops were cooking just as quickly as the crusts. It was great.

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I would sure like to try one of those, myself. I have been using two fire bricks to raise my stone up into the dome and have excellent results (top and bottom cook at the same time) but I bet that set up cooks faster.

That's a cool lookin' set up, for sure!

The next thought that hits me, is "how much?"

How long does a "regular" pizza take to cook?

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I just received a Big Green Egg as a gift in April. I've been making pizzas outdoors ever since. Really is a fun way to cook them. Didn't realize Weber had those. Is there a diffuser plate (called a plate setter on the BGE) that goes directly over the coals under your Stone? Ken
As far as we have been able to tell, they are only sold at the Elliot's Ace Hardware in Brookfield. The cost is $150. The Manager there said they were a test market, so hopefully Weber will eventually roll them out everywhere, but you never can tell for sure.

Ken, In regards to the Diffuser plate, yes. There is a bowl shaped area just under the stone to diffuse the heat some. There are 2 small vents towards the back to help with regulating heat under there as well. Also conveniently there are 3 little bumps on the bottom of the bowl that act like legs when the entire unit is sitting on a shelf.
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I am not sure what happened to the pics, but I think I got it fixed.

I used it again on Memorial Day, and it was great. I made more of a ring of Charcoal instead of laying out flat and the heat transfered much better. I also dropped some Oak Chunks through the vents and got the upper temps to rise even more. I was cooking fresh pizzas in about 6 minutes each. The dough cooked nicly and the toppings were done in the same amout of time. After about an hour, I added a few more Oak Chunks through the vents and kept the Pizzas coming. All in All, I am very pleased with the Weber Pizza Oven and have no complaints.