Meatloaf on a plank, again!


Robert McGee

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I decided to do one of my favorites, Grilled Meatloaf on a Plank:

My wife, Marilyn, applying Red Pepper Sauce to the Planked Meatloaf prior to grilling:

One hour of grilling and this is the payoff:

Plated with mashed potatoes, peas and asparagus, and cole slaw (in bowl):

As you can see, one batch gives us several meals worth. The meatloaf recipe comes from the book, “Plank Grilling” by Dina Guillen. I use a Cedar Plank.

Keep on smokin’,

P.S. I want to say, this was absolutely DELICIOUS, as usual! rdm
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Mark Silver

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That's looks great! I also do a lot of cedar plank cooking, especially salmon. Real cedar planks are expensive so I use untreated cedar shake shingles or untreated cedar fence boards I can cut to length from my local home improvement center. They don't need to sanded smooth like a commercial plank and also don't need to be grade one if they're just going on the grill.
I had to revive this thread to thank Dale ( Robert McGee) for being so kind and sharing this recipe with me last year. I had printed it off and kinda forgot about it in my "recipe pile" until seeing it again the other day. I finally decided to make it today and am SO glad I did, it was absolutely delicious. Thanks again Dale for being so kind and taking the time to share this with me. Everyone that ate it tonight LOVED IT! I will be making it again very soon.2.JPG


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It was DECILIOUS Dale. I sent my SIL over a couple of pieces for her dinner tonight, she texted me back a Pic of her plate that she said she literally licked clean :eek:. Guess she'll also be requesting this again too before long :). Thanks again for sharing.



That looks great. I'm going to give it a try. I was able to find the recipe with a google search of the authors name, book title and meatloaf. Going to have to sub a few things as the wife has me on keto, but I'm going to go for it anyway!


Well, here we go. Sure looks good. Should be eating good tonight.


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Success! Even with the keto substitutions it still came out great. Really surprised how much cedar flavor I get. Thanks Robert for the idea!


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Robert McGee

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By the way:
The full recipe came from "The Plank Grilling Book" (available on Amazon). The ladies that developed this recipe were only comfortable with a gas grill. However, the recipe transferred to the charcoal grill without issue.

One full chimney of Kingsford Original lit, spread evenly on the charcoal grate. Five minutes covered to come up to heat. Then, a clean cedar plank food side down on the food grate with lid closed for two minutes by the clock. Flip the plank, then cover again. When the plank starts smoking, using tongs, I remove the plank and put it on a sheet pan. Then put the raw meatloaf on the plank (molding as you go). Then apply the pepper sauce on top. Carefully, place the "planked" meatloaf centered on the food grate and close the lid. It takes about an hour. I check the temp, as well as appearance, and want the interior of the meatloaf to register 160 degrees.

Enjoy and Keep on smokin',


Ok instead of starting another meatloaf thread I’ll add my own. Our usual recipe, except again we replaced the bread crumbs with French’s Onion straws. Added a few too many coals so it ran at about 500, so kept a close eye on the IT. At about 140 I slathered with some Blues Hog, pulled it at 165. I must say, I think the cedar plank added a nice flavor. will probably stick with this instead of chunks of apple wood. 8E317208-87E7-48E8-ADEC-58A66CE4A02A.jpeg


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