Mason Jar Sealer Attachments for Vacuum Sealers On Sale $10

Looks like a good deal. I've been wanting to try them with my VAC sealer, ordered them. Thanks!
I've used the wide mouth for several years to store hops, spices, when I buy them in bulk, and herbs we harvest & dehydrate. Picked up a set with both sizes a year or so ago. Don't know what I'd do without them.
For those that might be new to this: take a small nail and punch a small hole (~1/8" or less) in the center of the lid. Cover this with a strip of vinyl electrical tape with a "courtesy tab" ( folded over edge). Center the lid on the jar without the band and, using the correct size attachment, vacuum it down. The electrical tape will act like a valve and allow the air to escape, then be sucked into the hole and act like a release the vacuum, simply lift the tape.

The band is optional. You can re-use the lid and tape many times as long as the sealing area is kept clean. Bands and lids are readily available, of course. Some throw-away jars are re-usable, too, as long as the attachment fits.
You don't need the hole. The adapter doesn't hold the sealing lid down so air can escape the jar between the lip and the sealing lid.
Unless the hose is different than the one that came with our food saver / game saver, it may not work on other vacuum units.
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Whatever works for you is just fine.

I'm able to pull lids up with my fingernails enough to release the vacuum without any damage to the seals. Some have been reused for 5 or 6 years and still maintain their integrity.
I have bin using this for several years now. I like to smoke chicken and then make some chicken soup. So I saw this and said that would be a great way to freeze the leftover soup. Well it works great.