Labor Day KBB sale at Home Depot


Ray K

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Received my Lowe's paper today and they too have Kingsford on sale -- 2 pack, 18.6 LB bags of original charcoal for $9.88 -- 5 days only (8/31 to 9/4), limit 2 but they never watch it where I go.


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Stater Bros (SoCal) has a coupon in their weekly flyer (coupon also available in the store) for $2 off Kingsford charcoal.
It's not a great deal but as good as it gets if you want K Lump or other varieties - $7.99/bag.


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Amazing that it starts tomorrow. Getting my In-laws to pick up some for me on their trip through the states to Thunder bay. It will be a long haul from there back to Greater Toronto Area :)

Timothy F. Lewis

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I will be starting the accumulation for winter projects this afternoon! I have to re stack things so I have good safe storage space again, things get moved around and as the stack gets smaller, things find their way into that void! I wasn't going to start the great garage cleaning project until next week but, I can do that tweak right away, stack the new stock and get something on the WSM while I get some work done!

Rich Dahl

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HD is the same here, Bob C. got it right 9.98 a twin pack is back. I've got twenty bags already so I'm good till spring.

Robert McGee

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Well, I got mine this morning. There are those that would look at our charcoal "stash" and think we are out of our minds. However, a few years ago, when a Gulf Hurricane put nearly all of the 83 counties in Ohio in Disaster status, it was just a minor inconvenience to us when we lost power for a week. We just broke out the grills and Coleman stove and cooked all meals outdoors. It was nice that the weather was not abnormally hot or cold, but it just did not affect us all that much simply because we were set up to handle it. Others in similar circumstances had serious problems.

Just sayin'...

Keep on smokin',
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