Labor Day brisket

Was planning a BBQ for a friend’s birthday and the local Costco had brisket for 2.79 a pound. Cooked it for about 16 hours at 225-250.


On the WSM:

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I once put a 17lb'er on my 18"wsm, real tight fit too lol. I like cooking my briskets whole too, but sometimes I do like to separate the point and flat. Put one on each level, makes it way easier to if I plan on making burnt ends with the point.

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Strong work! I fully understand the appreciation of the site, I’d never have gotten into the wiser use of the WSM without all these good folks!
Now that you’ve done a brisket, successfully, as it looks delightful to me. The rest is going to become fine tuning and radical experimentation. Get ready to spend a lot of time experimenting, it’s always fun!
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