Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal

Richard Garcia

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I bought my "Kingsford Blue Bag Charcoal" from a Cosco-Like Store called "Pricesmart" here in the San Jose, Costa Rica area. However, they recently discontinued selling it and have replaced it with the "Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal". For grilling purposes only; how bad or good is this self-lighting charcoal?

Dave Mazz

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I don't use it normally. Only if I go camping and don't have my Performer along. Really have to make sure all the coals are ashed over so the stuff they soak it with to light, does not flavor the food.


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I never used the stuff, but I think it's more geared for picnics,tailgates,camping, when one doesn't want to bring a chimney or lighter fluid.
That kinda stinks cause I'm sure your paying more for charcoal loaded with petro chems, compared to just using your chimney and KBB
any other brands of charcoal available?



Yep...if you ever bought “charcoal lighter fluid” used to spritz onto regular charcoal to allow you to light it easily, you would know that it is basically gasoline in a plastic bottle.

So, yes, matchlight charcoal has already been soaked in a gasoline like product for you. I would also recommend that you light it and let it 100% ash over before cooking on it. Otherwise you will certainly taste the petroleum burn-off.


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Please tell us if there's any smell when lighting charcoal with it.
I would never use it for lighting charcoal

A chimney......should be used for lighting charcoal.

My dad used it his whole life. Yep, let it ash completely to avoid odor or taste


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My dad used it his whole life. Yep, let it ash completely to avoid odor or taste
My dad did too. The lighter fluid of today is pretty mild compared to back in the day. I remember 5-6 foot flames from the lighter fluid my dad used back then!

Chris Allingham

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Richard, I'd use MatchLight for high-temp grilling if that was all that's available. But I can't help but think you'd be able to find a lump charcoal or some other type of briquet to use.


I still have nightmares from eating a burger after someone used that lighter fluid. Decades later repulsion still rides high.
Waiting for Larry to check-in


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Well I would be the wrong person to ask as IMO nearly ALL briquettes smell like petro chemicals when burning (including Kingsford) and make the food taste like that as well. No matter how it's lit it smells like that. If I charcoal cook I only use lump

Richard Garcia

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Chris and other Forum members; yes, there are all kinds of charcoal available here in the San Jose, Costa Rica area. I now use Costa Rican lump charcoal when grilling, however, when I want to go lowNslow on my Weber Mastertouch and WSM "Classic" I almost always turn-out good BBQ when using the Kingsford Blue Bag Brand charcoal. I have been a Kingsford Brand User for almost thirty(30) years, however, the Costa Rican Charcoal is not bad when only Grilling even when once in a while I find a few nails in the bag mix.
Also, Costa Rican Charcoal that is generally available for sale is of the Lump Charcoal Variety. There are other American Brand Charcoal available here including the Weber Brand which costs a arm and a leg. Again, thanx to all for your comments and recommendations.
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