Keep your gas grill've been warned!

That yard looks so meticulous that it's easy to assume it's not grease related, but many a pretty Genny hides accumulated neglect under the hood. I have seen one grill in that shape that the owner blamed on squirrels chewing the hose to the regulator.
This is true. I just had to swap out the hose on my latest rehab because some mice, chipmunks, squirells whatever had chewed on it. It didn't leak as far as I know, but I could see white reinforcing threads where they had chewed. Better safe than sorry.

The damn mice or whatever like to chew on the control knobs as well.
Yes they do. I have found knobs on my grill chewed as well as the grease tray licked clean. (Yuck)
These are pretty inexpensive. I've put a half dozen of them on lately.