Just got my CBJ


Mike Shook

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My wife gave me a CBJ class for my birthday. (Yes, there is a C in there, keep it clean.) Really enjoyed the class and meeting Don Harwell from KCBS. I figure becoming a judge can help me improve my own backyard grub, even if competition Q is in some ways different. I was quite pleased with myself til my daughter pointed out that any weekend I am off at an event is a weekend I am not at home cooking. Can't fight that logic.....

Bob Bass

Congratulations Mike !!! Welcome to the Family !!!
Now start getting that book signed !!! :)
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Mike Shook

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..... and in the spirit of feeding my KCBS addiction, I have my table captain class tomorrow, er today..... SUNDAY. After today's cook, I hope I don't get caught snoring. :)

John F Ford

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Enjoy. i met some great people while judging, finally hung it up a couple yrs ago, after judging 21 or so years.

Mark Silver

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Congrats, Mike. Tasting competition bbq spoils you for almost all bbq restaurants and most backyard bbq. I personally enjoyed being a Table Captain more than judging because judge has to taste every item placed in front of him or her. A tTable Captain can select what looks good from the grazing table. Say "Hi" to all my former KCBS Rep colleagues for me on the bbq trail. I haven't judged in a while because I was a Rep. for so many years but I still try to judge at least one contest a year. I've been at it for a little while now. My KCBS judge number is 7572.