Jimmy Buffet

Mine does not have a yellow lid, but I have been using mine for many, many years. DD gave it to me because I like the bird.

It says "Heaven on Earth with an onion slice"
RIP Jimmy, we used to go 30 strong to his shows every year at Irvine Meadows, sometimes we never left the huge party in the parking lot.
People would trailer their boats, 100's of pounds of sand set up tiki bars, numerous kegs of beer. Thanks Jimmy for all the good times.
PS. Cheese burgers are on the menu tonight.
Hated to read about it yesterday morning, loved his music, his music will live on for a long time, I can't even play the radio very well and his voice sounded fine to me, not jealous of his hard work and accomplishments. Didn't know he was suffering. Must've been a very private person as a lot of other folks would have been on every talk show and magazine in the country.
1. He didn't have the best voice.
2. His song writing to me was unoriginal and simplistic.
3. He was selling something I already had and didn't need from him nor could I relate to his version of.
I grew up surfing and spending much of my life on or near the beach(NJ, Puerto Rico, San Diego, Mexico, Florida, Portugal, Hatteras) and still do to this day and my perception of such a life differs vastly from the typical "parrot heads".
But he certainly parlayed his "brand" of a certain lifestyle into a money making machine.
Funny coincidence.
We happened to be in Leadville, Colorado two days ago. We were waiting for the Silver Dollar Saloon to open for lunch and we struck up a conversation with another couple. They told us that Jimmy Buffet passed (We had not heard) and they traveled a couple of hours to have lunch in the booth that Jimmy wrote "Incommunicado".
Edit: Here are some pics inside the saloon



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