Insulated Blanket for a WSM?



I live in NY and smoking in the freezing cold is not ideal. But, given that I now have a WSM and really don't need to play around that much with adjusting the temps, I thought I'd give it a shot this coming winter.

Does Weber, or anyone else, make an insulated "blanket" that I can wrap around the WSM in cold weather? If so, do they work?

Thank you
I use to have a cover like the one above. It wasn't quite as well vented but on a cold windy night in California, it ended up holding too much heat and my temps shot up.
Instead, I bought a wool fire blanket and measured it out. Then I brought the specs to a seamstress who cut several for an 18", 14" and maybe 22". It only wraps the middle cylinder and held with velcro which worked out great.
You don’t need a blanket. If it’s windy, find a way to block the wind, but best just to wait until a good day to cook. A long time ago, I cooked in the dead of winter. Like below zero, but it was a still night. The WSM really didn’t act much different. In the wind, it’s a whole different story. Thankfully, my deck was on the opposite side of the house from the prevailing winds and I also used my gas grill with a cover on it as a wind block. Worked just fine. Unfortunately, I got old and crotchety and now I only cook in fair weather.

Good luck!
Coldest I ever done was -40F WC. Wind was a hawk that day . Did a HH butt and blocked the wind with some garbage cans.
The WSM shined and held it's own.
The meco smoker I once had...
. You had to use a cardboard box just to get the temperature up where it should be anytime of the year.
My dad did the same thing with a brinkman growing up

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Nothing wrong with investing in the blanket if you're serious about smoking regardless of weather. Just know that it's not really needed when it's "just cold". Cold calm and clear days don't rob heat from a WSM. Rain, and wind, are the biggest heat thieves. To me, I'd rather store a blanket vs storing a wind screen device... Of course if you can build the wind screen into your patio or deck arrangement, that's "best case" but not all of us have that option.