cold weather

  1. BenM

    Christmas Dinner Advice Needed – Making Brisket in December

    Good morning all. My wife and I always host Christmas dinner at our house. Usually it is a small gathering of 4-6 folks in total. This year, that has increased to 12 people. Instead of the usual ham, I decided to go big and make brisket. I picked up a beautiful, 20-poond USDA Prime brisket...
  2. BenM

    Insulated Blanket for a WSM?

    I live in NY and smoking in the freezing cold is not ideal. But, given that I now have a WSM and really don't need to play around that much with adjusting the temps, I thought I'd give it a shot this coming winter. Does Weber, or anyone else, make an insulated "blanket" that I can wrap around...
  3. S

    Year-round temperature control - 18" WSM

    Hello all, I got my first WSM this past July and have been learning a TON. I've been cooking in all kinds of weather and temperatures, too. Are there any 'rules of thumb' for adjusting to the outside temperature in order to maintain smoker temperature? For example, what percentage faster does...
  4. M

    ATC in cold temperatures

    So a couple of weeks ago I was doing a couple of 17 lb. briskets in my 22.5" WSM using an Auber ATC. Cool day for Aridzona, only about 60° high for the day. Wanted to cook at 250° but could not get the WSM above about 225°-230°. Now that is my normal cook range, but I was experimenting...
  5. S

    New WSM 22.5 in the cold.

    I have a brand new WSM 22.5. First cook today and it's windy and cold, 20 mph wind chills at 5. It seems to be cooking upside down. The top grate is 20-30 degrees colder than the bottom. Has anyone ever experienced this? Thanks Much Shand Republic, MO