Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings


Robert McGee

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I just want to bring a great recipe to the attention of you good folks. Recently, I did Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings. It was absolutely EXCELLENT! I can recommend this without reservation. Every recipe created by Coco Morante that I have tried has been "over the top". I have a couple of her books and can recommend them also. Here is the C&D recipe:


Robert McGee

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We did this cook again this past week and, if anything, it was even better than the first time. I'm a bit disappointed that no one has commented on their experience with this cook.

Keep on smokin',

Rich G

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Hey, Robert, thanks for posting again! I missed this one the first time.......I'll add it to my IP list of "to-do's". Only issue right now is it's been hard to find any chicken! ;)



I don't have an Instant Pot but my DD does. Made a copy for her. I love dumplings. Glad to learn about using cake flour. Will try that next time we have dumplings.

(Robert, know how you feel. lol)


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No InstaPot for me but I regularly make chicken and risotto in my pressure cookers. I simply brown the chicken well in the pressure cooker, once browned I set it aside. I then do the "browning" of the Arborio rice in the drippings along with some onions. Once translucent I put in my hot stock (usually home made) (2 cups) to 1 cup Arborio. I put the chicken pieces back down on the bed of rice (I always use dark meat for this), close the lid, bring it to pressure. Cook 10 minutes under pressure. I get perfectly cooked risotto and perfectly cooked chicken at the same time

Kyle in Woodstock

Thanks for posting this. Wife got one of these as a gift and she hasn't used it very much. I'll see if she wants to give this a try. Sounds good!
I have a plan to make C&D one of these days, though I may wait for cooler temps to return.

She has an interesting tip on the flour. Most recipes call for AP flour, but she uses cake flour.

The cake flour definitely wins as far as the texture is concerned. The dumplings turn out lighter and fluffier, whereas all-purpose flour can yield heavier, chewier dumplings. You can make this recipe with all-purpose flour, but for the best dumplings, use cake flour if you have it.