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I grabbed three sets. I also ordered three of the Silver B burners for the same price.
Onlyfire has a bunch of their stuff on sale right now.

J Grotz

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Did Weber ever make a Glen Blue Genesis?????


If it is real and was under $100, I'd be asking forgiveness right now.

Jon Tofte

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That side burner looks exactly like the one that was on the 2000-01 Genesis Gold I picked up so I'd say original to that series grill.


I agree with that, Jeff. As to the color, almost certainly painted, but it is at least a cool color. Can't you just see it cooking next to one of those Glen Blue 26ers Weber recently released? :coolkettle:

Jon Tofte

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Seller calls it semi custom. It does look like a shallow 5-bar firebox, so that could be from a Silver A. Is this what Jon Tofte wants to put together?

Where are the flavorizer bars???

Edit: Were the two burner Skylines essentially a Spirit with the Skyline hood? I didn't realize that the Spirits of that era were 5 bar boxes. I was under the mistaken impression that the 5 bar boxes started with the Silver/Gold/Platinum series grills.

That grill looks to be original to me, except for the very nice, sharp upgrade to wood on the shelf and handle (y) (and the RED kettle:redmastertouch:) . I would be pretty proud to own that one! What I am actually working on is taking that old-style Skyline hood and putting it on an otherwise later Silver A with the modern thermoset side table and closed cabinet, particularly one with the black knobs and trim. I love the old Webers, but for a daily driver type grill I have to admit that the thermoset tables were the most practical and easiest to clean. And, while I hate rusty cabinets, closing in the bottom of the smaller Silver A I have to admit makes this smaller grill look a lot more substantial:


I picked up a good specimen of the Silver A - late edition with black trim. Similar to the one I restored in the picture above but with black knobs and handle. Now I just need that Skyline 2-burner hood. I plan to use a Weber Handle Light that I believe fits not only the old full-size Genesis but even this smaller version. Stay tuned! If I get a 2-burner Skyline I guess I will make another Frankengill and put the modern Silver A hood on the older body and see if I can make it sell!

p.s. I believe the firebox, 5 flavorizers and large drip pan went unchanged from the earlier 2-burner Webers to the later Silver A (and then later Spirit).

Jason in CA

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New old stock? Apparently this has been in storage for more than 20 years. It that's the case then it's a really good price.



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Looking at the left end cap by the handle, I am not to sure it has not been outside. Anyway, for $75, it looks like a steal.


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Does anyone know what size screw affixes the mounting rails to the cook box for the drip pan? For some reason I didn't take note of this and can't seem to find the correct size for the job.