Hump Day Smash Burgers

Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Got the Mojoe out for some Smash Burgers last night. Did some Lamb Weston Steak fries on my JJ to go along with them. We've had this brand several times since seeing Bob C's french fry thread a couple of weeks ago.

On the griddle. It was getting pretty dark and didn't have my lights set up. Pictures are poor.

Patties are super thin and I got a good crust after the flip.... except the one I screwed up.

Used deli American cheese.

Made the "secret sauce". Ha ha.

Fries done.

We love smash burgers. These were really good. It was a fun evening to grill. Might be the last one for a while. There's another fire burning north of Redding, to the west of us. We're keeping a nervous eye on it. Thanks for looking everyone.

Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Smashing looking burgers and fries Cliff!
The only problem I see with your pics are, they made me hungry, very hungry!
Hope those fires stay away.

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB All-Star
I love smashburgers, and those could get all my love hahaha

Secret sauce looks like thousand island dressing ????

Tim K

I haven’t made smash burgers in a long time, but after seeing yours, I think our menu for Saturday evening has just changed!! Those things are smash burger perfection!

Barb D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Cliff, like Rich said we are having them tonight. Yours look awesome great job. Stay safe .

Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Thanks everyone!

Hope those fires stay away.
It's looking better today Bob. Hopefully the winds will remain calm.

Secret sauce looks like thousand island dressing ????
Yep, very close to the recipe my wife makes.

Those look great. What's your secret sauce? I was thinking Sriracha Mayo.
Close Jim. This is quarter cup each ketchup, mayo along with tbsp dill relish, tsp distilled white vinegar, tsp. paprika and lastly a tsp of white sugar.

Whats your setup?
It's a Mojoe Griddle on a 22" Weber Kettle.
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russ olin

TVWBB Diamond Member
Great looking smash burgers Cliff.
Hope that the fires are staying away & the winds calm.
We are ready for cooler weather & fall to arrive.