How many own more than one WSM?

Jeff Boudman

I have two 18s. The ten year old gets all of the use. I called Weber to buy some grill straps and they sent a middle section, grommet, and grill straps. I pieced together the other parts and that WSM is unused except for the charcoal ring and top cooking grate. I need to sell it but don’t want the hassle.

Adam McClain

New member
Have owned a 14 for about 5 years. Just ordered a 22.5 that's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Giving my traeger away, it's great for convenience but I just like the 'adventure' of the charcoal.

Dick Buchanan

New member
I have two, a 22 Kettle and the 14.5 WSM. Had the 18 WSM almost 20 years but downsized to the 14 as it is easier to travel with in our small car. Unfortunately, as I live in NYC, my smoking equipment at my daughter's house in CT. . I use both each weekend I am able to visit them. Chicken, pork tenderloins ,steaks, hamburgers on the kettle. Ribs and butts on the 14 WSM. After a 3 years, am getting quite attached to the 14 WSM and it is performing marvelously.

Mark Foreman

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I have a 22 and 14. My kids have grown up and moved out except’ 1‘ Dogs are gone (we are ok, both over 12) now I have new kids! Gasser is a new adventure but good, learning a lot but performer is not happy. She’ll get over it. Between all of them, oven Hartley gets used.


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