Here's a Jim Lampe photo you don't see every day


Does this mean we have to call him "Mr. Lampe" or will "Jimbo" still be appropriate?
Nice going guy. Look for a surge in membership Chris. :D

Walter R

Very cool Jim! A lot of other folks got to share in the weekly magic that we "don't" take for granted.


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Jim, you are a big part of the glue that keeps this site alive. A great Chef with a great sense of humor, the perfect person to represent what the TVWBB is all about. Thank You!

Jim S

Way to represent our favorite way of cooking! Hope you told the reporter that smoking isn't a 3 season gig either. Us die hards know how to get the low & slow working in ANY season. Well done sir, well done.

Scott Waller

It's been months since I was last here. I miss the cooks that I used to see. I finally have had a little time to look and I am looking forward to giving my two cents again. Great to see you make it famous Jim.

Chuck Dugas

Congratulations Jim. Sent me your new phone number. I called when we were in Florida and it did not ring.
I called the Condo board to see if I could put up a PIGVILION and they said I was out of my head.LOL.
Again great article on a great guy.

Stuart S

I saw this on the Facebook when Jim posted it and I loved the article and the pictures.

I'm a bit late to comment here, but I want to say something about this:

"As they say on House Hunters, Jim Lampe "ticks all the boxes" of what you're looking for."
I can't think if a better way to describe my friend Jim. It doesn't matter how new you are to BBQ, to Weber grills or to tvwbb...or how seasoned you are for that matter...I would challenge anyone to say they haven't learned something new, or been inspired - or encouraged by Jim. If you ask me, behind Chris, Jim is the biggest supporter of this lifestyle we all love and has something great to say about every cook he sees, every new technique he learns on here...and every positive comment people leave on his posts.

And the fact that he's so humble that he's going to read this and get embarrassed by it is why he is the epitome of tvwbb ambassador to me, and it think allot of other folks as well.
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Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Thank You All!

once again, I have to thank everyone for all these very kind, yet, very uncalled for complements... as wonderful and humbling as they are... I appreciate them tremendously, Thank you!

This whole deal surrounded around some pregnant vegetarian babe in Maryland that had a craving for the greatness we all take for granted... Barbecued pork.
All I did was agree to have a photo or two taken to complete a story she was working on. And it was fun. First, very nerve-wracking, but fun overall.
AND I got great people over to eet my ribs and drink beer with me. The neat thing, they all said they liked it:D
Unfortunately, YOU were not there :(

Seriously... I really do appreciate all your overwhelming and embarrassing comments and, this is way too much recognition for doing something each and EVERY ONE OF US do every weekend...
Jiminy Crickets, it's grillin' and barbecue for Saint Peter's sake!

This thing has really freaked me out.... geez... it's just food. It's not Football.

I Thank You EVERYONE! Again!!

p.s. on July 2, I'll have the go-ahead to post photos Sara Stathas submitted to the Wall Street Journal during the Smoke Day 10 celebration here... so I will.

pj lietz

Well I'm a little late to the party here but congrats non the less Jim. You have always been a positive guys here and full of great info. Nice to see you got to share it in print.

Say next year maybe the food network can sent a full audio/video team out and film the pilot of ' Smokin with Jim'!

Gene B

That's an awesome smoking structure and a true smoking pro. This leaves the smokers here in San Diego still looking for the map.

Barb D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Awesome Jim, great pic and love the set up for Smoke Day. Pigvillion is looking good my friend.