Here's a Jim Lampe photo you don't see every day

Chris Allingham

Staff member
It's Jim Lampe in the Wall Street Journal, showing off the Pigvilion and his Smoke Day setup. What's this world coming to? ;)

Featured in this article: A Guide to Backyard Smokers, Just in Time for 'Low and Slow' Season

P.S. I went down to Barnes & Noble to pickup a copy of today's WSJ. Here's how it plays out in print. Look at that...Lampe barbecued ribs on the front page of the WSJ!

Photo Credit: Sara Stathas,, used with permission.


Thats brilliant...Jim, u`ll be having your own TV show next...Raichlin watch out!!

Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Weber Smokin' Jim!
Congrats big guy, well deserved attention, not only for what you bring to your table, but also for what you bring to this forum!

Folks, watch the interview with JP, more pics from Jim's Smoke Day are mixed in.