HAPPY CINCO de MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In years past I have done some cinco de Mayo festivities but, I just not feeling it this year.
We will celebrate the Kentucky Derby tomorrow but, only with juleps and Creole Meatballs and cheese grits.
Oh and a pecan pie for dessert. Making it easy on myself this year. I’ve done big parties with dozens of juleps grilling a bunch of goodies but, when it all started falling to me to do both cooking, bartending and scullery at this friends place, I decided I was just tired after the third year. Now, it’s a much smaller affair maybe ten people as opposed to the 30 at “the farm”. Had folks jumped in and helped, yeah maybe but, not my party and I was doing all the work… usually missing the race!
Chicken fajitas will be made here later today. I plan on smoking a leg of lamb on the pellet grill for the neighbor’s Derby party tomorrow.
DH made Steak Taco's tonight using an old Taco spice blend recipe that I have had for a long time. They turned out very good.
Dinner here was spaghetti. Sauce is actually from the Presto pressure cooker user's guide. Fast & easy, it's been a long unpleasant week.