George Stephen loved White Castle burgers!



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Today, February 26, 2023 marks the 102nd anniversary of George Stephen's birthday. In response to my posting this fact on the TVWB Facebook page, Gary Granzin, a Weber retiree with 46 years of service under his belt, and someone I had the pleasure of meeting in 2008 when I was invited to visit Weber HQ, posted this neat photo that I thought you all would enjoy.

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In my heart of hearts, I truly hope Weber can grow beyond the public offering fiasco and turn back to its roots of high quality and innovative products.

The Weber brand and products have been very good to me and my family and my kids are now getting their first Weber’s too.

Making a quick buck in the world is easy. Getting customers to give you their hard earned money time over time is hard. That’s what separates flash in the pan companies versus a company with a brand and a reputation to uphold.

Rich Dahl

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I can say I've never had a White Castle either. I think they opened a couple in Phoenix, have to check with my daughter the next time we go to see her.

Jon Tofte

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You’re missing out. Worth the experience at least once!
You definitely won't forget it! I don't have the cast iron stomach to stand all that onion-soaked grease, but every once in a while, I still get a taste for one of those when we are in the Chicago are. I used to scream for "Frenchy Fries" as a small child in Long Island when we passed the one near us. My Mom would get them for me and then I would scream because they were too hot!:LOL:

Steve Hoch

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I love White Castle myself but really don't have it more than a couple times of year. They can be a little tough on the digestive system and also completely stink up the house if consumed there. My son was on a kick for a while where he was bringing home a box of the frozen ones seemingly once a week at least. I can honestly say they reheat fairly well in the microwave and are very close to the ones obtained from the restaurant. I finally convinced him that he may be going a little overboard eating them that often and that his stomach would thank him.


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I don't know if they still do but they used to use dehydrated onions.
That caused most of the umm gas.