Genesis Platinum cabinet idea

For Z bars? I think @Jon had found a source for something that looked like a good solution.
Here is another thread with a solution for the aluminum Z bars.

I did use McMaster aluminum Z-bar. For the frame I was able to get stainless tubing through my friend who owned a sheet metal shop back then.
A little late here... But I'll add that I use cutting oil when drilling most metals. For aluminum I often will skip it. The next thing I try to do is not overheat the bit. A little smoke from the oil is OK but I try to "duty cycle" the bit as I go through the hole (especially on thicker stuff. If the bit overheats it will ruin the temper and lose the sharp edge. That said, stainless steel can be a bugger to drill (and machine).

And yes, I knew a guy at the machine shop where I worked, back in the 80's, who could easily sharpen bits (what he called "drills"). He knew the exact angles to hold and did it freehand on a grinding wheel. Pretty cool.