Genesis Platinum cabinet idea

Thanks Bruce and Jon for both of you all's support and patience in answering all my questions.
Sounds like a great plan Samuel.
Here is a solution for the doors if you don't get the bushing installed in the right spot. I had spare bushings and could have used them, but I just knew I would be off, so I estimated where the holes should be and drilled them a bit oversized. Then I installed the doors on the hinges and then I figured I could adjust them to where they needed to be to be straight and spot welded a 2 stack of SS washers to hold the doors in the correct alignment. Here is a photo. The washers not only center the hole, but they provide the small amount of clearance under the door that the plastic bushings would have provided. But, you might as well try to install the bushings first. If the holes are off, then you can always fix it with this method.

Bruce you and I are on the same path for I considered if I needed to realign the doors, I might try placing a washer in before I set the bushing in to raise it if I needed to. I just hope that the bushings are tall enough to handle the extra spacing. Or maybe bushing first then washer atop and then the door.
In case anyone is wondering what the two mods are that we are discussing, it is Jon's bottom mod in post #1 and the side panels done in this mod by Bruce on his Skyline Platinum.

I hope you do not mind me posting your mod here Bruce?

@Bruce Skyline Platinum Bottom pic 1.jpg@Bruce Skyline Platinum Bottom pic 3.jpg
Some of the reasons I am considering combining the 2 mods.

1. I like the appearance.
2. Durability
3. I thought it would be easier to clean the firebox when needed, I I could remove the bottom to clean the grill and reassemble when I am done.
Samuel. Feel free to repost any photos that I have already posted to this forum. I think the durawood slat bottom is a great way to go with the cabinet on the SS Platinum.
Do you all think attempting my cabinet idea of combining the two mods to my Silver C will cause it to rust out more quickly? Or will more beneficial because it will let more air circulate in the cabinet area?
What kind of drill bit do you all use to drill into the stainless steel frame?


@Jon Tofte Front View Marked up.jpg
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If you have a drill press it probably doesn't matter too much what kind of bit you use. In a regular drill I would use good carbide bits.
Yah, you can go buy a $10 name brand bit that will work great or some cheaper ones made for metal. It is a trade off. You will probably get as many holes out of $10 Bosch or Milwaukee premium bit as you will $10 worth of cheaper Stanley bits. The bolts are 1/4" that you need the hole for.

I have been impressed with Bosch brand bits that I have used and they are not super expensive.

What kind of drill bit do you all use to drill into the stainless steel frame?


I use TiAIN coated cobalt bits and a high sulfur cutting oil. Both were purchased from McMaster-Carr and delivered to my door the next day. I use these bits only on stainless as they are pricey and I’ve got other decent HSS bits for general use. I’m at least 30 holes in with no sign of wear on my TiAIN bits and I’ve probably used less than 1/4 cup of oil thus far in the process. Up front costs weren’t cheap but the long term value is certainly there.
What kind of drill bit do you all use to drill into the stainless steel frame?


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I used Irwin carbide drill bits. Even so, it was tough going, especially for the larger holes for the door buffers. That horizontal tube frame I added was thicker than the Weber frame pieces.

I miss that grill, but when we left Florida we were homeless having the seller of the house we had under contract default on us. I wasn't sure we wouldn't have wound up in an apartment, so I decided to sell it to a coworker in Florida.

It was a good choice for their being able to stand up to to the Florida coastal salt air and humidity. I was able to find a use for a couple leftover Summit things, as you can see. Thermometer and the gray handle light that matched the Platinum color scheme.

That Platinum could get hotter than some of my other Genesis grills:

Platinum Grate Heat.jpgTop Sirloin on Platinum using GrillGrates.jpg
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Irwin and Bosch sell some pretty good drill bits. Also have had fairly decent luck (for el cheapos with the Hazard Fraught Carbide set. Can find on sale many times <$20
Larry, I have HF bits and use them quite often. However, they simply don't do as well on harder, thicker steel. Rather than using them up in one or two holes, I opt for a higher quality bit usually. But, yah, for the price, they are all you need for a lot of applications.

I actually have dozens of used up bits laying around. I have a hard time throwing them out when they get worn out. I guess I should buy myself one of those bit sharpeners.

I worked in a machine shop when I was in my twenties. There was a guy there that could take those real high quality bits to a grinder and have them cutting like new in 30 seconds. I saw several others try but fail, but this one guy had some kind of an eye for being able to cut them at just the right angle and evenly on both sides.
I sourced the the Durawood I needed. Now to decide if I want to use Stainless Steel cross members or Aluminum, but the zbars I hope to get in Aluminum.

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Aluminum cross members will work fine if you are using the connecting nuts to install them. Where are you sourcing the aluminum Z bars?