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How did Comcast know your friend was running a server that hosted a forum?
This is actually far easier than most people realize. Most home Internet connects list running any externally visible servers as a violation of terms of service. Any open listening port are a dead giveway. What may be more important is the amount of traffic that is being generated, and the direction of connection initiation.

In short.... your ISP will know.

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I'm not sure they knew it was a forum, I think it was simply we were consuming too much bandwidth for a home internet connection and that's what caught their attention.
I thought that's what you said..... regardless, when I was on Comcast outside of Chicago, the terms of service were pretty clear, no servers. Thus far, Comcast, Frontier, Mediacom and HBC (all of my broadband providers,) have had this clause in place Your ISP doesn't even need to do deep packet inspection, just watching for connection requests inbound to their customers will tell them that.