First Sausage Grind - Breakfast Sausage



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I got a meat grinder for Christmas and was really happy to get a chance to try it out. I gave it a go last weekend. I ran 10 pounds of pork shoulder through the grinder to try out a breakfast sausage recipe. At the end of the day, it came out pretty good. Could use a bit more seasoning which I've made note of for next time. I hot smoked a couple of pounds in a loaf so I can slice some off, brown it and eat it with breakfast in the morning. I tried to make some brown and serve casingless links for the kids by running the grind through the stuffer and just cutting it off as it came out. Looks like a passing animal did its business on my grill!

I'm looking forward to many more adventures in sausage making and charcuterie! A couple of photos of the work in progress....and the end result



NICE! I really like getting the younguns involved! I love to smoke a 1 lb sausage log then fry up pieces for breakfast.
That's a cool gift. It's nice to see the next generation involved in the bbq process. :)
Super looking sausage and pics, Jeff! I made up 5.5 lbs of breakfast sausage this past weekend. I'm gonna try putting some on the smoker like you did. :) Those uncased links look great.
Great pictures Jeff! I didn't realize they made disposable food service gloves that small, but I hope I remember that in a few years.

The sausage looks great to me, especially on that sandwich.