Finally got a Thermapen!


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Well my parents gave me money for Christmas and I figured it was time to pull the trigger on a Thermapen! Didn't know that they came out with a new model (mk4), and their prices have dropped as well! Got it yesterday and got to use it today. This thing is super awesome!


Cliff Bartlett

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They're a great tool. They had some killer sales going before Christmas. Not sure if it included the newer model.


You'll love it. It's the temperature tool I use more than any other, including even the ThermaQ. Most recently it's come in handy for steak, yogurt, blueberry jam and fried chicken - very handy, convenient and versatile.

Robert McGee

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I bought a Thermapen some years ago. It REALLY hurt :eek:, to pay that kind of money for a thermometer (even tho' I got mine on a good sale) but it is one of the best purchases I have made, PERIOD! Now, with the Thermopops, there is NO reason not to have a good instant thermometer. In fact, I got Thermopops for all of my children. They are too good NOT to have if you cook. I still prefer my Thermapen but the less expensive but still excellent therms will do about all that needs done...

Just a thought or two...


Carl H.

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You never hear about anyone who regrets buying a Thermapen. There are few kitchen tools that get used more often in our house.

Chris Allingham

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ThermoWorks is having an inventory reduction sale!

Save on all the most popular ThermoWorks products:

  • Thermapen Mk4 normally $99, now $87 each or 2-up $85 each
  • Classic Thermapen $71 each
  • ThermoPop $21 each--save 28%
  • RT600C Super-Fast Pocket Thermometer $17 each --save 29%
  • ChefAlarm $49 each--save 17%

Sale ends Jan. 4, 2016. Use our link above to help support the forum!

P.S. Orders over $59 get a free magnetic meat temperature guide ($5.95 value). Orders over $99 get a free pocket infrared thermometer ($19 value) and the meat temp guide.

B Frosolone

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I've had one for years. Right before Thanksgiving, the screen went wonky and when I did an ice test it was registering 10 degrees. I contacted them, they gave me an RMA number and I shipped it back. They fixed it at no charge even though it was 3 or 4 years old. Great customer service. I have a Thermopop and DOT too, all great products.

Jerry N.

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The thing I like most about the Thermapen is that it is also a very sharp probe and therefore a learning tool. It's very interesting to temp a thick steak and see how it is done on the outside layer and not on the inside. As you pass through the middle, the temp rises as you reach the other side. Mind you, not something I do often, but having done it a couple times and registering how the meat felt, I have a much better understanding of when my steaks are done even before I use the thermometer. With pork butts, it's absolutely fabulous to stick the probe in various places and feel the difference of meat that's done and meat that is not. You can see (the temp) and feel what it means to have the probe go through meat "like butter".

There's not doubt the Thermapen has made me a better meat cook.

The other thing to try is the IR temp meter. I never realized how overly hot my pan was when trying to do some frying. No wonder things would get burnt so easy. On my stove top, 350° is around medium to a little under. But that's another thread.

Tommy B

I got a classic permapen for Christmas. I have not opened it yet. I was considering calling and asking if I could exchange for the new model. (obviously pay the difference in price)

If you were in my shoes would you try and exchange for the newer model or just use the classic thermapen?

Bob Bass

They are both equally fast reading and equally accurate. That said, I have the classic and wished it had a back light as well as a rotating readout.

Bob Ivey

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I have both and they both work great. If I weren't left handed I would not need the new one but that said, they both do the job. Do whatever feels right to you.


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I got a classic permapen for Christmas. I have not opened it yet. I was considering calling and asking if I could exchange for the new model. (obviously pay the difference in price)

If you were in my shoes would you try and exchange for the newer model or just use the classic thermapen?
I really like the rotating screen and back light, also its more water resistant then the classic. to me it was worth the extra $16 bucks. If it isn't too much of a hassle I'd exchange it.

Darren C.

Congrats. You'll love it. I've had mine for several years and use the heck out of it. I no longer cook "just a little longer" to be sure the food is safe to eat. That alone made a huge improvement in my cooks, as well as, gave me piece of mind that I would not make anyone ill.

If I have a large piece of meat, like a loin or turkey breast, I use a Chef Alarm to get me close. I say "close" because an accurate reading all depends on if I centered it good enough. When it reaches temp, I use the Thermapen to ensure that I've reached my target temp everywhere. I cooked a turkey breast the other day. I thought I had centered the Chef Alarm pretty well. It read 165. So, I thought I was pretty much done. I went behind it with the Thermapen, as normal, and I was surprised to see I was getting readings in the lower 150's. I know my Chef Alarm is accurate because if I relocate it, I will match my Thermapen. It's just amazing how much variance there can be a few millimeters away.

@Tommy, if yours isn't backlit and they will let you swap it out, swap it out. I wish mine was backlit.