Fin and Turf


Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
So the CEO suggested we have some fish tonight and I stopped at the market and picked up some nice fresh Branzino. Never had them before.
Also found some great looking tiny Aussie Lamb Chops on sale.

First a heads up, you guys know I love the Chef Merito Spices both Chicken and Beef, well let me tell you something in case you don't know. They sent me some sample packs of their Fish (Pescado) Spice, I used them tonight.
Holy Crap, best spice they make, definitely ordering up some.

Anyhow, everyone getting lined up


Fish on first on the OTG


A little Ichi lubrication tonight


Chops done with some Him Pink Salt fresh Ground Fresh Thyme and EVOO on after the first turn


Done and heading in


On the table with some good bread, wine and the CEO's Salad


Your plate, enjoy


For you Wine lovers this was one of those magic pairings we stumbled on, with fish with a hint of nice spice it just was perfect

I love those lamb chops and that fish looks out of this world!!! I didn't know they made a fish seasoning, will have to look for it now.
Delicious looking cook Bill! I have never heard of Branzino either. What type of flavor does it have? and compared to?
Fish and chops look great! I've yet to do whole fish, but seeing a plate like that makes me want to run out to the store right now.
there's some good living going on at your place Bill- What a great menu tonight - I really like the combo - everything looks so very nice!
Mannnnnn...... That fish looks beyond gourmet, like John I had no idea they made fish seasoning. Amazing cook Bill.
Bill My man! Another "FrEaKiNgAwEs0mEpIcPoSt" Not a big fish eater but i would eat that with a smile on my face! Keep it up bro!