Favorite Jalapeno Poppers Recipe?

Not sure if this should be barbecuing or grilling....Regardless, I want to try some poppers. Anyone have a got to recipe that never fails? thanks


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50/50 mix of Philly cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese, and then some chopped cooked bacon.
I cook them loaded in a popper rack on my gasser, usually with a piece of foil under it to keep the tips from burning.
Just cook until the cheese is melted.

Brad Olson

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Cream cheese mixed with chopped shrimp and Old Bay or Zatarain's. This is also a good filling for milder chiles.


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I add diced up little smokies ( all beef ones) with the cheese mix.
I like to spritz with FAJC.

Wisconsin Cheese Spread - I like Port Wine

hmm..i bet that is good.

so we made a couple different types, we followed this:

Then we did a slight variation of the Mike Chavez (1/4 of the receipe):
About 2lb. fresh Jalapinos
2 8oz blocks cream cheese(room temp)
1C shredded sharp cheddar
1 heaping tblsp dry onion
1tblsp. granulated garlic
1/2 c or more Pulled pork or fine chopped little smokies - We used chorizo here
1 or 2 tblsp. Honey. (secret ingridient)
bbq rub
2 lb bacon thinner the better

I only wrapped some of them, and some unwrapped.

They were all delicious, my wife preferred the bacon wrapped ones. I thought the "modern proper" recipe had the better texture because it didn't need to cook as long as the bacon wrapped ones. they had some bite to them.

Dan C. FL

Just a good cheddar, wrapped in homemade bacon and cooked around the Vortex. Bacon gets crispy, the jalapeños get spicier. It’s so good.


These are very simple but they were so very good.

Filling was cream cheese and shredded cheddar and colby jack. The bacon was the thick cut bacon, which I think is important. The edges get crispy, but the rest of the bacon melts in your mouth. The glaze was wing sauce, BBQ sauce, and some hot sauce.

T Waite

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I do the bacon wrapped cream cheese too. A couple of things I change:

Substitute Neufchatel for the cream cheese
Add a halved smoked cocktail weeny to the top of the cheese before wrapping the bacon.