Clothes washing machines - any reccos of new machines and manufacturer experiences?

I had to buy a pair of water hammer arrestors- for some reason we didn't need them with the old Amana.
Without getting into the back story, modern washing machines, especially front loaders, have quite aggressive solenoid valves. I got this from a memo from Sioux Chief, eponymous manufacturer of hammer arresters. I had a small set on the LG washer here, and within a couple of years, those very aggressive valves had driven the pistons all the way to the top of the chamber and lost the air charge completely. I keep them on the shelf just to show them off. Sioux Chief recommends either a small arrester at both the washing machine and the valve, on both the hot & cold lines, or a much larger set. I went with the larger set and plumbed in one of the nice quarter turn single handle water valves.
I haven't kept up with all the posts here, so if this has been stated then just ignore me. In 2013 we bought an LG top loader impeller. Sometimes, we wished for a little more water in the tub but on this model back then there was no user option to add more water. But the extremely frustrating issue was that at a frequent rate it encountered an out-of-balance error during rinse/spin. To auto-correct, it would add more water and then run another spin cycle. If the error persisted it would do it all over again before giving up, ending the cycle, and requiring user intervention. I'd guess this occurred 10-15% of the time.

On Black Friday we bought the WT7900HWA. The first one was defective out of the box, lol. One week later a replacement was delivered and so far we've loved it ever since.

Given the 2013 purchase issue one key for us was the return policy and it varies widely from store-to-store. Lowe's only had a 2 day return period unless you use their credit card, which extended it to 30 days. We can pay it off early and avoid interest. So my advice is that you consider the store's return policy because in the case of something like a balance error it may not occur during some initial uses.

I’ve had an LG front loading set for 6 years and I like them a lot.

I’m pretty good at remembering to run the cleaning cycle and I also run an Afresh or Lemi Shine cleaning packet monthly.
i've dialed this all down to a new set of LG's 5 cu ft washer, both electric washer and dryer.

costco is running a pretty good sale right now through Feb 7th. i just have to see if they'll delay delivery until our new place is move-in ready sometime end of march.
Front load or top load?
FL, models lg-wm6700hba with matching electric dryer (DLEX6700B), in black steel color.

our current Maytag unit is 4.5 cu ft, MHW8200FW.

the new LGs are an upgrade from our current setup. current dryer is NG and new home is electric supply for the dryer (solar at home too), and the cost of a NG stub to the dryer was $1,000, which is the cost of a new dryer so we elected to just use electricity due to our rates with solar on the house. IIRC, fixed rate of $0.11 pr kwh.
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Before we bought our first LG in 2013 we bought a GE in 2003. In 2011 the tub failed; it was almost effortless to reach GE and have them agree to ship us a free tub. It only lasted a couple years past that repair. Back then we were probably using it daily, though.

ge washing machine tub replacement.jpg