Cleaning the weber 22 & 26 kettles



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So with the big holiday coming up, I wanted to clean the inside of my kettles. I've heard from guys on this forum about the razor blade method but there has to be an easier way. Easy off oven cleaner? Attachment for a cordless drill? I started with the razor blade on the inside of my 22" and it's only been since spring since I've cleaned it but man..... I broke two razor blades in 15 minutes and I'm not even close to clean. I grill at least 2 x a week so I have some serious build up. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
I use a plastic spatula that came with a big can of Bondo years ago


but I've also used these plastic tools from HF:

I also have a 2" flexible blade putty knife with well-rounded corners if the crud is too much for the plastic tools, but I'm very careful not to damage the porcelain.
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Easy off unscented. I apply it a few times and use a plastic pastry scraper once the gunk is liquid goo. Depending how baked on your crud it will determine how many applications and cleanses you’ll need to do. It’s work but it’s worth it. I avoid using any metal on my porcelain.

Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner...
I don’t get too worked up over bowl spotlessness, flakes off the lid i try to keep knocked down but, I made a wooden wide scraper a while back and that helps a lot with scuzz.
Timothy and I are in the same camp, easier when warm but, where I can presume HE does it! I always forget!😉
Easy Off works wonders. From there, various scrubbers, scrapers or even a power washer do the trick.