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This morning my mom asked me to “fix” a new bottle of vitamins she just purchased, and we got into a discussion about why prescription/ vitamin etc. bottles are made so difficult to open.

Child safety I said. And elderly people she added.

It’s so easy, and I am not sure if it’s common knowledge, so I thought I would post it up.

The leatherman is the star of the show- I usually carry on on my person at all times.

The bottle/ can opener has the right geometry and strength to get between the outer cap and safety cap. Twist up and it usually pops out- partially.

The pliers finish the job to remove the safety cap completely from the outer cap

Now the bottle is easy to open as long as you don’t screw it on too tight

This hack is useful for anyone having difficulty opening safety bottles- if you have anything that could potentially be a danger to children, make arrangements to keep these modified bottles out of their reach or leave them as you got them.
IIRC, pharmacists deal with the same sort of bottle caps..... and I think every pharmacy counter has a handful of tools designed to do nothing but pop that outer lid off.

The bottles that my mail order pharmacy fills have double sided caps. They ship with the safety feature in use, but also are threaded on the other side without the feature. Just flip yer lid.
Yes, I know about the flipping, but, some food items are sealed soo dang tight. Just one more reason to have a man around the house. I have tools to use to open them, but it's much easier to say "oh honey". :giggle:
The bottles that JKalchic referred to above:

I just noticed this after many years of taking meds in these. It was tough after 2 shoulder surgeries when my right arm was completely immobilized for several weeks.


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My mom is pretty healthy for a 95 (tomorrow is her birthday) year old and not too many meds.

I haven’t seen those double duty prescription caps before, but I made a few of the non safety caps so my mom just switches them out.

Over the counter vitamins are another matter.

We converted our split level house to a true mother/daughter (son) house, so my mom always has someone to help where needed.
I think they put a very unique cap on the tequila bottle that doesn’t open at all after the third shot, no matter how many times I try to open it.

But as Joan said, it’s very difficult for our older folk to live alone. Just life gets more and more challenging, including taking meds.
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