Bugs $%#*&%(*%*&$*%^)_(*&


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I just finished my rehab on a Q3200 and was doing the burn in on the lid paint and a bunch of bugs decided they liked the green color enough to hop on during the burn in. It is bad enough that I will be sanding and repainting it. I guess I should be doing my burn in's inside the garage from now on.

Dave in KC

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Over 40 views and no replies? I have think most chuckled and didn't really know what to say.
Did you bother to take a pic?

Timothy F. Lewis

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After our chat last evening, I figured, “better to let Bruce try to relax”!

I did get the rails off but ended up causing some damage (through frustration) and ended up junking the firebox, not too bad as it was free. Win some, lose some.


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OK, I got it repainted and the bugs left it alone. I used too rough of sand paper when I sanded it down, but with several new coats of the green and then clear, it looks pretty good. GOOD ENOUGH anyway and better than the bug farm it was before.

Just in time for the Green Bay Packers NFL season.



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Once in a blue moon I would almost wager that I didn't see a new thread appear in the "New Posts" link but it's probably my old age. Sorry for your mishap but that is a beautiful Q.


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Yah, one low ball ($120) and one "Is this available" and then crickets is all I have gotten so far. I was hoping today (Weekend) would get something going. I have found that the weekends are the best for getting responses.

But, it can sit if need be. I have a Black Silver B and a bluish Spirit II E310 that would be getting listed tomorrow if I had time. I just need paint to dry and reassembly, but I have a full day tomorrow morning and then I have to head out of town for a couple days. So, probably Tuesday/Wednesday before I can get them list. Yah, I know, not prime listing time, but that is OK.

Stefan H

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The Q's seem to sell really bad right now. I listed my Q2200 about two weeks ago. So far not a single response. Not even a low ball offer. I have seen brand new Q1200s for under $100 not selling. Many apartments in our area don't allow grills (not even gas) and most people living in houses want something bigger. Fortunately I only have $40 in it.


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Yah, I think the Q's are hot in the spring when people are looking for camping grills. You would think that maybe they would get a little more attention this time of year with tailgating going on, but in reality, there really isn't a whole lot of that happening.


Rustoleum. It is rated for 2000 degrees. It will turn any finish to a GLOSS. Even matte paints.


I forgot to say Beautiful paint job Bruce, overworked lately.

Ok, now I know the clear coat, what paint/primer did you use. Sorry if this has been answered again and again. I have one of the old beige ones that needs to be Bruced up.;)
And another silly question, has anybody tried to make a one piece welded flavorizer bar to keep the burner tube from getting clogged?

Thanks Jeff
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Great looking Q!
I agree that Spring is a better time to sell/buy outdoor cooking gear. I live in the SF Bay Area and it's easy to cook outside all year round. I've never seen any Q's sell for less than $100 around here unless they are just trying to get rid of one.