Bison brisket

PR Healy

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Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but I took a shot at a 7 pound bison brisket. I read up as much as I could, and almost got scared off. Two out of every three articles or posts said it was difficult, impossible, or worse. I took the advice I found on the more positive items. Trimmed only a little fat, which I preserved to put on top of the brisket as it cooked. Rubbed it the night before and let it marinate in the fridge overnight. Fired up the ‘ol 14.5 with Kingsford and a few chunks of hickory and apple. Worked the dampers to keep it at 225-250. After four hours, I basted it with KC Masterpiece sauce, and wrapped it in foil. Then back on the smoker for 3 more hours. Re-wrapped in new foil and let it rest in a cooler for two hours. It was AMAZING. Lean, but not dry at all. Smoke flavor and spice from the rub meant it really needed no sauce on the plate. It was one of the best smoked meats I’ve ever had, and I’m from Kansas City! Certainly the best I’ve ever smoked. Shout out to Cherokee Bison Farms for the great cut of meat.

Lew Newby

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Fantastic. Not everything you read on the Internet is true. Any Brisket can be a challenge and you conquered it.

Brad Olson

I'll have to file this away as A Good Thing to Know. Cherokee Bison is up in Colby, WI (for those of you who may be wondering, it's where the cheese was created) but apparently their products are available here in the Madison area.